We highly recommend connecting your Viator account with your reservation system, if you already use one. This connection allows you to more easily manage bookings in your reservation system and enables real-time availability to allow more customers to book last-minute and in-destination. 

If your account is already connected with the Viator API, you can learn how to map individual products here

The process to connect your reservation system with your account depends on the reservation system you use. See the lists below for the systems we currently support. 

For the following systems, you can enable the connection in your reservation system. You can see the instructions in the links below for each system. 

For the following systems, contact your reservation system to start the connection process. 

  • ACME
  • Arctic Reservations
  • Bókun
  • City Connect
  • Digitickets 
  • Elloha
  • FuseMetrix
  • Galaxy Connect
  • Giant Monkey
  • Ibis
  • iRES
  • Junglebee
  • OperatorHub (formerly Junction 6)
  • ORA
  • Peek
  • PrioTicket
  • Real Time Booking System (RTBS)
  • Secutix
  • Screenbooking
  • TicketCounter
  • TourPlan
  • Travelotopos
  • Trekker Pro
  • Trekksoft
  • TuriTop
  • VacationLabs
  • Varitrip

For the systems listed below, you can use our tool in the Management Center to begin the process of getting connected. Once logged in, click on your company name in the top right corner, and click Account. 

Then, open the Connectivity section. Select Connect Now, choose your system from the dropdown menu, and save.  This will alert the appropriate team of your request, and should be completed within 2 - 3 business days.

  • Activitar
  • ActivityBridge
  • Activitylink
  • Activity Rez
  • Adventure Bucket List
  • Adventure Office
  • Algarve Bookers
  • Attraction Suite
  • Booking Boss
  • Briq Booking
  • Citybreak / Visit Group – iTicket
  • Clorian
  • CustomLinc
  • Datatrax Technologies Inc.
  • Fareharbor
  • GlobalTicket.nl
  • GoDo
  • Indexic
  • Ingresso Com Disconto (ICD)
  • KYRO
  • Netbookings
  • Outbox
  • Open Pass
  • PonoRez
  • ResPax
  • ResQest
  • Rezdy (first make sure to follow this guide)
  • RocketRez
  • SINTESYS ABC Informatic
  • Starboard Suite
  • ThunderTix
  • TicketingHub
  • TicketOne
  • TixTrack – Nliven
  • TourCMS
  • Tourism eXchange
  • Urban Adventures
  • Webtickets
  • WMS (Welcome Management System / TourBiz)
  • XOLA
  • Zaui

For the following systems, send an email to supplierapi@viator.com with the system you use and the name and email address of your technical contact. We will work together with them to get your account connected.

  • Access Gamma
  • Accesso
  • Experticket
  • Tessitura

Can’t find your reservation system? Please contact let us know so we can work with your system on setting up a connection: supplierapi@viator.com

Have your own in-house system? Please email supplierapi@viator.com for more information about our API and access to our documentation.